About the Books


Back Porch Swing

Back Porch Swing is a novel that emerges from the heart of a down-to-earth family living in eastern Kentucky. Lance Stoler, the oldest son, is riding the wave of college basketball recruitment. He and his family are touched by good, evil, and the pains of letting go. Problems are met head-on and are dealt with through the power of friendship, love, family, and growing faith.

After reading this novel, overflowing with life, you will find that Back Porch Swing:
•    Is filled with original characters, people to cherish;
•    Displays great humor, compassion and intrigue;
•    Exposes the enigma of college athletic recruitment, including the various
personalities of collegiate coaches;
•    Renders a mountain of uplifting, complex emotions;
•    Is tender, with a strong contemporary national significance;
•    Accents the power of love, friendship, and faith; and
•    Showcases the importance of quality family values.

Getting to Thanksgiving

Getting to Thanksgiving exposes dynamic interactions that can occur between family members. It humbly reminds us that we must not only teach our children well, but consciously learn from personal experiences to become admirable role models. This inspirational novel will cause many to realize that Getting to Thanksgiving portrays a physical trip, as well as a spiritual journey.

Vince Sanford is a high school football coach who has entered a midlife dilemma. How can he be sure he is passing on important values and life stories to his children? What coaching has he gained from his parents and his own past? Can he handle a serious illness in his family?  Such questions are raised during this heartwarming story about coming of age, family values, self-discipline, and offering thanks for life’s blessings.

Getting to Thanksgiving tracks the events of a single day as Vince Sanford drives his family to his parents’ home, in Ashland, Ohio, for Thanksgiving dinner. During the trip, his personal reflections and in-depth conversations with his wife and two children provide the encouragement Vince needs to handle the reality he must face once in Ashland. His triumphs and sorrows as a student, coach, son, and parent are illuminated. By the end of the novel, you will have the impression you’ve known Vince all your life.

Mary’s Lamb

Mary’s Lamb lovingly portrays, in rhyme, scenes from the life of Jesus. This beautifully illustrated work leads the reader from His birth to the Resurrection. The words flow with such care and ease that they can be sung to a slow jovial beat.

The first three verses of Mary’s Lamb were initially written years ago while Sherry Bohl was teaching kindergarten in Dublin, Ohio. Through the years, she has moved around the country, and all of her class students have shared in the development of the cheerful song. Over time, the author added more verses, but has kept the extended script hidden close in her heart… until now.

When the author was introduced to a gifted young artist, Ben Enzfelder, she immediately knew the perfect illustrator had been found to beautifully portray her manuscript and she could no longer keep her song to herself. With God’s Grace, Mary’s Lamb has come to life in this book.