Celebrate Sports Tour – Inspirational Speakers from the Sports World

Vision: Delivering powerful speaking programs that positively impact Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Companies, Churches, Veterans and entire communities featuring speakers from the sports world.

Goal: To challenge, encourage and inspire each audience and pave the way for transformational change.

Challenge: It is your life…your VISION. Follow your PASSION. Be POSITIVE. Never stop moving towards making your vision a REALITY. Don’t ever give up!


  1. Middle School, High School and College Programs:
  • Establish the theme that NO STUDENT is alone: Each has a huge TEAM of support.
  • Inspire each student to become their own best ADVOCATE;
  • Discuss tough issues ALL students face navigating life. (Bullying, Social Media, Drugs/Alcohol, Distracted Driving, Gender Relations & Performing under pressure in, classroom and in sports); and
  • Encourage continued good decision making
  1. Corporate Speaking Programs:
  •  We are passionate about creating raving fans with corporate clients we serve across the USA, helping your VISION for the company become REALITY.
  • Starts with a FREE consultation where we are good listeners. We learn about your company culture, key successes and some current challenges your company is facing, the theme/goals of the conference/meeting, the executive vision for the company and key talking points leadership would like us to integrate in our inspirational programs.
  • Examples: Keynote Speaking, Conference Kickoff / Closing, Awards Dinner Banquet, Department Meeting, Sales Staff Meeting, Management Retreat, Distributor Conference, Donor, or Customer Appreciation Program.

An All-Star Team of Amazing Speakers:

Former College / Pro star players, coaches and administrators who use “SPORTS” as the backdrop. Sharing amazing real life stories coming from humble beginnings, perseverance, following a process that includes hard work, getting help from mentors and ultimately making it to the top levels of sports….College/Pros….NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Pro Golf Tours and more.

To discuss a speaking program for your group, learn more about our amazing team of speakers and availability – Please contact:

Brett Bohl – Executive Producer / Founder

Celebrate Sports Tour–Inspirational Speakers from the Sports World

Phone: (614) 588-7026 email: thebohlgroup@columbus.rr.com

An example of an amazing performance is posted below. Celebrate Sports Tour Speaker, Bob Wieland, inspired the Fresno State Football team


Speaker request:

Additional speaking requests can be made by sending an email to:  Bohlbooks@bellsouth.net.