Welcome to allenbohl.com. The reviews and feedback I received about my first novel, Back Porch Swing, were extremely heartwarming. I am pleased the story seems to have delivered a clear message about the importance of family, values, character, and integrity. The success of Back Porch Swing far exceeded the expectations of this former college athletic director. I humbly appreciate your continued support.

My second novel, Getting to Thanksgiving, was co-written with my oldest son, BrettGetting to Thanksgiving exposes dynamic interactions that occur between family members humbly reminding us to teach our children well, and to grow from our own experiences to become worthy role models. This inspirational novel will cause many to realize that Getting to Thanksgiving is a physical trip, as well as a spiritual journey.

I was delighted when my wife, Sherry, published her first children’s book, Mary’s Lamb. With beautiful illustrations and rhythmic prose, Mary’s Lamb lovingly portrays scenes from the life of Jesus. The verses flow with such joy and ease that the story can be sung to a slow jovial beat.

Sherry also recorded the audio CD of Back Porch Swing.  She was born in Eastern Kentucky, the setting for Back Porch Swing, and lovingly makes the local dialect come alive. For those who enjoy listening to uplifting stories, her extensive experience of reading aloud in the classroom over the years grants an entertaining way to meet Lance Stoler and his family.

Bohlbooks and its authors are dedicated to providing support for family values and personal responsibility. To order signed copies of Getting to ThanksgivingMary’s Lamb, the audio CD, or more copies of Back Porch Swing, simply e-mail us at Bohlbooks@bellsouth.net and an order form will be sent immediately to your attention.

The Bohl family wishes you and yours the very best.


Allen Bohl