What they are saying about Back Porch Swing

“Al has created a tremendous story that shows how the values and principles developed through strong family relationships can be strengthened by participation in sport. Its a great read by someone who believes in what he has written.”
Karl Benson, Former Commissioner, Western Athletic Conference

“Knowing Al’s background in athletics, anyone who enjoys sports, from high school, to college, to the pros will love Back Porch Swing.”
Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, University of Alabama

“Dr. Al Bohl is an accomplished professional – an educator, athletic administrator and now an emerging author. Dr. Bohl’s creative mind and intriguing story has the reader “hooked” and hungry for more as they turn the pages in “Back Porch Swing.” This compelling, sports oriented story has a terrific message for the reader about the “game of life.” Dr. Al Bohl’s passion, faith and commitment to educational values comes shining through in this novel.”
Shelley Appelbaum, Sr.Associate Athletic Director, Michigan State University

“Dr. Bohl has written a story that touched my heart with its strong family values and small town ideals. Lance’s journey through the challenges of being a sought-after college basketball recruit stirs fond memories of my experiences as a college football recruiter and the hard decisions the young men had to make and the importance of those decisions on the rest of their lives. I highly recommend the book. You don’t have to be a basketball fan or a sports fan of any kind to enjoy this wonderful story.”
Dom Capers, Former Head Coach, Houston Texans

“Having known Al for almost 20 years, I am not surprised at his ability to use an athletic back drop to tell a compelling story about the life challenges we all face. Sports are often used as a metaphor and that is done in a heart felt manner in the book. A Great read for not just the sports fan–it will touch you on many levels.”
Bill Fennelly, Women’s Basketball Coach, Iowa State University

“Finally, we have a book about big time college recruiting from someone who knows. Al Bohl, who, as a Division IA athletics director, worked with the likes of Jerry Tarkanian and Roy Williams, traces the fictional, but realistic, account of the recruitment of Lance Stoler, a small town high school basketball star in Kentucky. His choice for college seems obvious to everyone, but him. And when the recruiting wars begin, he is faced with pressure that tests both his personal values and sense of loyalty. In his book, author Bohl knows of what he speaks. This is a wonderful basketball yarn, but it is also a touching human interest story that transcends college athletics.”
Rick Bay, former athletic director at The Ohio State University. Former Executive VP for the New York Yankees; Former President & COO for the Cleveland Indians.

“Knowing Al for over twenty years, it’s easy to spot his enthusiasm and knowledge of not only sport, but of spirit and integrity.”
Paul Dinovitz, Vice President and Western Director, Hearst Foundation

“It is awesome!! My English major daughter from U of Chicago will love it, too!!! It is so realistic and graphic!!! … God bless… Go Bucks!!”
Jim Tressel, Former Head Football Coach, The Ohio State University

What they are saying about Getting to Thanksgiving

“Getting to Thanksgiving was no simple journey for Vince Sanford.  Though he was a seasoned and successful football coach, his trip home that holiday was as challenging as any game he’d ever played.  As he drove with his family to his parent’s home, his reflection on his father’s illness prompted a self-evaluation of his life and closest relationships.  As one who recognized the importance of the faith and values instilled by his mid-western upbringing, and as one who could himself turn even a locker room into a site for value reinforcement, Vince questioned head-on what values he was passing on to his children.  Ultimately, he confronted the question, “Do my kids know what I’m thankful for?”  Vince’s warm story finds its climax in his mother’s kitchen, and her answer to the question, “What was your favorite Thanksgiving?”  Her touching response will cause you to reflect personally on the meaning of this holiday that bears such significance for us all.”
Former Pastor Doug Clewis, Former Grace United Methodist Church, St. Augustine, Florida

“I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the authors have a wonderful gift! Allen and Brett Bohl
have captured the essence of what is important in families, schools, and communities…authentic caring relationships based on traditional family values.
We need more of this powerful message!”
Dr. Joseph Joyner, Superintendent, St. Johns County School District, St. Augustine, Florida

“In this age, where the dysfunctional family is portrayed to be the norm, it is so refreshing to be able to read of a family with parents that are still striving to pass on the torch of a legacy that was passed to them. The Sanford family is not perfect.  But they share all the unconditional love, compassion, and caring that every child should be nurtured with.”
Debra Sword, Human Resources, Rio Grande, Ohio

“Getting to Thanksgiving is a heartwarming story about family and faith that has readers sitting on the edge of their seats eager to read on.  Vince Sanford takes his family back home for a Thanksgiving to remember.  The reality of his father’s illness, discovery of his grandfather’s tragic past, anxiety over his sister’s whereabouts, and the joy of being with family and friends leads Vince to a greater appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.  This encounter guides Vince to a wonderful discovery…Thanksgiving is not an annual holiday enjoyed once a year.  Thanksgiving is a sense of appreciation that comes from within as we realize the shortness of life, the wonder of God’s grace, and the importance of family and investing in those relationships.   A fabulous book!”
Pastor Jim Lillibridge, Former Indian Run United Methodist Church, Dublin, Ohio

“High school football coach Vince Sanford capitalizes on a family Thanksgiving trip home to reflect with his wife and two children on his own family’s values, relationships and faith. An extremely enjoyable and easy read, Getting to Thanksgiving is another literary touchdown for co-author Dr. Allen Bohl and his son Brett Bohl. Al’s Back Porch Swing set high expectations for the reader. The Bohls did not disappoint. This new heart-warming novel rivets the reader on the importance of dedication, preparation, companionship, forgiveness, friendship, determination, commitment, relationships, education, caring, values, nurturing and wise priority setting.”
William L. Bainbridge, Ph.D., FACFE, DNASE, CEO SchoolMatch & Distinguished Research Professor for the University of Dayton